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History of Brewing

History of Brewing

    Beer cans were first sold in January 1935, by Krueger Brewing of Newark.  Their test market was Richmond, Virginia.  Since then many billions of cans have been made, filled, and tossed out all over the world.  And a few lucky hundreds of thousands have made their way into collections around the world  (and yes, "hundreds of thousands" is just a wild guess!)  My History section is divided into several sections.

    History of Beer & Prohibition  |  Individual Brands & Brewers  | Types of Cans

History of Beer and Prohibition

The 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act

History of Prohibition in Virginia

The Camel and Prohibition (my July 2017 COM)

The Wickersham Commission

The IRTP Statement 

Porcelain Beer Bottle Stoppers


Matchbook Advertising

Beer Cans in World War II

Other Uses for Old Beer Cans

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Individual Brands & Brewers

Related pages are indented.

3 Stars Brewing (DC micro)

Acme Beer: February 2005

Acme "Stein Girl" can: January 2009

Amana: February 2014

American Cans Flat Top Quarts: July 2012

A-1 Bank Can: December 2013

Apache Beer: July 2005

Arrow Beer: December 2004

Hals: April 2009

Atlantic Beer: May 2004

Atlas (Washington, DC Micro)

Ballantine Series (1937-1941)

Ballantine "Handy Way": January 2004

B&B: April 2008

Big Mac: October 2007

Billy Beer

Bomber Pin-Up Beer "Strawberry Bitch": June 2005

Bosch Beer: February 2012

Boston Light Beer: March 2008

Brew 747: April 2010

Brown Derby: November 2006

Brockert Pale Ale (July 2009)

Buccaneer Beer (Gulf Brewing): September 2008

Buckeye Beer: July 2008

Budweiser: May 2008

Budweiser Halloween Aluminum Bottles

Buffalo Beer: May 2006

Buffalo Withdrawn Free: April 2012

Bullfrog: December 2005

Burger Beer: August 2008

Burger Camel Cone: July 2017

Chevy Ale: (Hudepohl) September 2016

Chief Oshkosh: November 2013

Christian Heurich Brewing

Christian Heurich's Radio Campaign

Heurich Lager: August 2016

Old Georgetown: June 2003

Senate Ale: January 2016

Senate Extra Fine Beer: November 2016

Senate 250 Beer: October 2008

Researcher Needs Information

New Book on Heurich

Christian Moerlein: May 2014

Churchkey Micro-Brewery Can: May 2012

Cincinnati Reds Cans

Esslinger Ted Kluszewski Quiz Can: October 2012

Hudepohl Cincinnati Reds Cans: February 2008

Wally Post Red: June 2017

Clipper Pale: September 2003

Coors "Waterfall" Can: November 2005

Croft Ale: July 2004

Croft Pilgrim Ale: November 2009

All-Malt: July 2014

Crystal Top: September 2007

DaGama: August 2010

Dayton Beer Company (Ohio micro)

DC Brau's First Can: June 2011

DC Brau Cans (DC micro)

Deep Cove: January 2006

Dixie Beer from Roanoke: June 2006

Drewry's Battleship Gray: April 2013

Drewry's Set Cans

Drewry's Horoscope Can: May 2003

Eastside Beer: March 2005

For Good Living  (1937 movie with Los Angeles Brewing)

Ebling Cone: February 2016

Edel Pils: April 2014

Eigenbrot's Beer (Globe, Baltimore)

English Lad Ale: July 2003

Esslinger Bock Cans: September 2012

Esslinger Little Man Ale Quart: August 2003

American Cans Flat Top Quarts: July 2012

Esslinger's Quizzie Cans

Esslinger Ted Kluszewski Quiz Can: October 2012

Falls City Beer: May 2005

Falls City StaTab: September 2010

Falls City Post-IRTP OIs: May 2017

Fehr's (Kentucky Derby): October 2004

Fehr's (Liquid Gold): June 2007

Flying Dog: March 2014

Foster's Lager: May 2011

Frank Jones Brewery

SS Frank Jones (passenger steamer)

Goebel Bantam: January 2007

Gotham Cone: August 2004

Gretz car series: July 2006

Gunther's Ale: February 2004

Gunther's Beer Radio Show: "Quiz of Two Cities"

Gunther "Happy" Bock: June 2014

Gunther "Premium Dry": March 2009

Gunther "racetrack" can: October 2006

Gunther Trays and Matching Cans: March 2011

Gunther Variations: July 2011

Gunther Flat-Bottom Cones: August 2012

Halloween-Themed Cans

Halloween Cans: October 2009

Halloween Cans: October 2013

Halloween Cans: October 2014

Halloween Cans: October 2015

Halloween Can: October 2016

Halloween Cans: October 2017

Hals: April 2009

Harvard Export: October 2003

Hop Gold: August 2007

Hudepohl Cincinnati Reds Cans: February 2008

Pace Pilsner: March 2010 (a Hudepohl brand)

Christian Moerlein: May 2014 (also a Hudepohl brand)

Chevy Ale: September 2016 (Hudepohl)

Iron City, First Pull Tab: April 2011

Jax: November 2003

Kent Ale: August 2011

King Snedley's: August 2013

Krueger Ale: April 2006

Krueger Beer: November 2008

Kent Ale: August 2011 (A Krueger brand)

Kvas Can (Russian): August 2014

Lion Ale: June 2004

London Bobby (Miami Valley Brewing): May 2007

Lucky Lager: January 2005

King Snedley's: August 2013

Miller Nationals Cabottle: June 2012

Mitchell's Beer: April 2004

Mountain Dew: July 2010

National Bohemian (Naty Boh) 'Transition' Can: March 2007

National Bohemian Colt: December 2008

National Bohemian Tapper: June 2009

National Bohemian Bank Can: January 2010

National Bohemian's Last Conetop: December 2010

National Canning Company Cans: December 2009

New England Ale: September 2006

Nick Thomas Crowntainer: January 2013

Old Frothingslosh

Pabst Snap Cap: February 2010

Pace Pilsner: March 2010

Pelforth Pale: February 2017

Peter Doelger: November 2007

Pilot's Beer: April 2017

Primo Beer: March 2004

Primo Export Can: January 2012

Pub Malt lager: June 2010

Rainier Jubilee Set

Rainier 'Reindeer' can: December 2003

Ram's Head: September 2011

Red Fox: February 2006

Red Top Malt Can: September 2005

Regent Jamestown: February 2009

Rheingold (Miss Rheingold): July 2007

Richbrau: September 2004

Royal Amber: September 2013

Samson Ale: December 2006

Schaefer OD: January 2011

Schaefer World's Fair Can: November 2011

Schlitz Malt Liquor: April 2007

Schlitz Flat-Bottom Cone: December 2011

Schoenling Little Kings: January 2017

Sebewaing Beer: August 2006

Seven Up (7Up) Uncle Sam Set (1976): February 2011

Soul: June 2013

Sterling Beer: March 2006

Storz Beer: November 2004

Suntory Bird Set: October 2010

Suntory Penguin Cans: March 2013

Surrender Dorothy: September 2017

Tudor (Brand): January 2008

Trommer's Beer: April 2005

Valley Forge Bock: August 2005

Valley Forge (silver can): June 2008

Virginia Micros: October 2011

Early Virginia Micro Cans

Warped Wing (Dayton, Ohio)

Esther's Lil Secret: December 2016

Wiessner's Beer: February 2007

Wooden Shoe (cone top): December 2007

Wunderbrau Beer: October 2005

Yellow Spring Brewing (Ohio Micro)

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Types of Cans

Store Brands

1970's Cans

American Can Company Dating Codes

American Cans Flat Top Quarts: July 2012

Bank Cans

A-1 Bank Can: December 2013

Display Empty Cans: August 2017

Flat Sheets: June 2016

Halloween Cans

Halloween Cans: 2013

Halloween Cans: 2014

Halloween Cans: 2015

Halloween Cans: 2016

Halloween Cans: 2017

Anoka Halloween Cans: October 2009

Budweiser Halloween Aluminum Bottles

Last OIs: May 2017

Look-Alike Cans: March 2017

Mystery Cans

National Can in the 1930s

Opening Instruction Cans (OI's)

Retro Cans: January 2014

Soft Top Aluminum Lidded Cans (1960-1965)

Zip Tops: The First Pulls Tabs, 1962-1964

Iron City, First Pull Tab: April 2011


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International Cans

Bomber Pin-Up Beer "Strawberry Bitch": June 2005

DaGama: August 2010

Deep Cove: January 2006

Edel Pils: April 2014

Foster's Lager: May 2011

Japanese Pull Tabs with Instructions: July 2013

Kvas Cans: August 2014

Pelforth Pale: February 2017

Pilot's Beer: April 2017

Suntory Bird Set: October 2010

Suntory Penguin Cans: March 2013


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