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COM: October 2015

Halloween Cans : 2015

I enjoyed doing Halloween cans last year and again in 2014, so here are the 2015 Halloween cans. I will add them as I acquire them so this page will continue to be updated until I am sure I have them all. I do not show cans that are repeats from last year, only new designs.

Krunkin Pumpkin.

Krunkin Pumpkin is a Pumpkin Ale style beer brewed by Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, TX.

Roadsmarys Baby.

Roadsmary's Baby

From Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut.

Wilhelm Scream.

Wilhelm Scream

From Magic Hat in South Burlington, VT.

Pumpkin Beast.

Pumpkin Beast

From Aviator Brewing in Fuquay Varina, NC.

Bud Light.

Bud Light

Anheuser-Busch put out a pumpkin-themed bottle for Halloween.

Ignis Fatuus.

Ignis Fatuus

From Indiana's Crown Brewing.

The name means Will O'the Wisp. That's one scary pumpkin!

Late Night Pumpkin Ale.

Late Night Pumpkin Ale


From Pennsylvania's North Country Brewing.

Mr. Pumpcan.

Mr. Pumpcan from Boxcar Brewing.

Need this one still.

OktoberFirsta from Texas' Freetail Brewing. It has a Día de los Muertos theme rather than Halloween,b ut close enough.


The Gourdian from Epic Brewing.

I need this can still.


Pumpkin Ale from Wynkoop in Colorado.

Pumpkin Ale

from Cortland Brewing in New York State




Some Non-US Halloween Cans!

Here are a few Halloween cans I found from Japan, Britain, and Russia.

Suntory's Pumpkin Special has the haunted house, bats, and the creepy tree Halloween theme.
Sapporo has the haunted house and a Jack-o-lantern.

Stingy Jack from Beavertown Brewing in London.


Klinskoe Light from Russia.



For more Halloween cans from the late 1970s and 1980s see my October 2009 Can of the Month.


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