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COM: October 2014

Halloween Cans : 2014

I enjoyed doing Halloween cans last year, so here are the 2014 Halloween cans. I will add them as I acquire them so this page will continue to be updated until I am sure I have them all.


Great Pumpcan. The Great Pumpcan from Mad Tree Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio. A nice design with the bare tree branches forming a Jack O' Lantern to go along with the small one on the ground below. The name is, of course, a pun on the "Great Pumpkin" for whom Linus in 'Peanuts' waited in vain every year. A very sincere can.
Wick for Brains.

Wick for Brains from Nebraska Brewing. This is a very cool design with a threatening cartoonish Jack O' Lantern.

Autumn Ale Brew from New Hampshire's Woodstock Inn Brewery does not have a Halloween name, but the Jack O' Lantern/Witches around a bubbling cauldron design is certainly a clever mash-up for the holiday.
PumpkinHead. Shipyard's Pumpkinhead is a neat design, but it's the same as last year's.
Fall Hornin. Fall Hornin' from California's Anderson Valley is a duplicate of last year's can. The bats and the orange background add the Halloween theme to this brewery's normal logo, a horned bear.
Pumpkin Porter. This year's Pumpkin Porter from Arizona'sFour Peaks Brewing is not a Halloween-themed can, but it is a nice Pumpkin design. It's a bit different from the 2013 version. Last year's can had a 2-sided label, this year's has one side.
Punk'n. Another pumpkin theme, rather than a Halloween design. This one is from Unita Brewing in Utah.
Screaming Pumpkin. Screaming Pumpkin Ale, from Griffin Claw Brewing in MIchigan. The can is designed to glow under black light (see photo at lower left)

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