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COM: October 2016

Halloween Cans: 2016


Carrott Conspiracy.

Carrot Conspiracy

From maryland's Jailbreak Brewing. Has a carrot Jack O'Lantern.

Iron Jack. Iron Jack from Lionstone.

Pumpkin Ale


From Iron Hill. Photo found online. I do not have this one yet.

Pumpkin Ale from Half Full in Stamford, Connecticut. Not a Halloween theme, but I like the pumpkin.
Lord of the Gourd by Barley Mow Brewing in Florida. I show the side here because I thought it adds to the Halloween theme.


Some Non-US cans


Sapporo Gold from Japan.
Sapporo Platinum Clear with another nice Halloween design.
Asahi Red Eye. Are those tomato's??
Halloween Beer from Poland.
Hobgoblin gallon can from Britain's Wychwood Brewery.

Orion Draft

From Orion in Japan.


I wasn't able to aquire this one.


There were also some re-releases of annual favorites such as Shipyard's Pumpkinhead, but I generally don't show re-releases here.

Pumpkin Beer: Less Popular?

According to one food and drink blog, Eater, Pumpkin Beer has dropped in popularity a great deal since 2014. They cited one "bottle shop owner" who "recently pointed to a quintessential pumpkin brew and reported selling just three cases last year, after going through 13 in 2014. In my regular trips to the places where I look for new micro cans (Westover Market, Norms, and Total Wine) I did see fewer Pumpkin beers that before, although that's not a scientific measurement. Moreover, the overwhelmingly majority was in bottles. I counted over two dozen different Pumpkin/Halloween beer in one trip to Total Beverage in early October, but the only can they had was the annual Shipyard Pumpkinhead. Unlike past years, I did not pick up a single new can with a Halloween theme at the store in 2016. Everyone I found this year I found on eBay, on a beer can collectors' Facebook page, or got from a friend elsewhere in the country.

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