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COM: October 2011

New Virginia Cans: 2011

3 virginia cans.

One nice thing about the new micro-breweries is that many of them are taking advantage of the availability of small-scale canning lines. As a result, there are lots of new cans with interesting designs coming out. I don't collect most micro cans as I just don't have the room for them all. But I do save them if they are from DC (such as the DC Brau) or Virginia. If any come out from Dayton or Athens Ohio I'd keep them too.

In the meantime there are two Virginia micro breweries using cans, Blue Mountain and Starr Hill. Here are there cans as of late 2011.

Blue Mountain, Afton

Full Nelson 1. Full Nelson 2.

Afton is near Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. Blue Mountain Brewery makes several beers but the only one they can at the moment is Full Nelson Pale Ale.

They also have a nice restaurant at their brewery. My wife and I ate there in July 2011 and it was worth a drive. The service was great, the view was nice, the food was very good, and the beer (so I'm told) was excellent. And they sell t-shirts which is always a plus. If you're in western Virginia anywhere near Charlottesville or Staunton it's worth going to eat here and to enjoy the beer sampler.

The Brewery Website. (opens new window)


Starr Hill, Charlottesville

Festie. Northern Lights.

Starr Hill is not too far from the University of Virginia. They can two of their beers so far. Festie is a German-style lager. I found a six pack of Festie in Falls Church, which was a pleasant surprise. They also can Northern Lights, an India Pale Ale with lots of hops. I found them in a Harris-Teeter in Charlottesville.

Starr Hill has a tasting room, but they don't seem to have a full restaurant like Blue Mountain. I haven't tried their beers but a friend told me he liked the Festie.

The Brewery Website. (opens new window)


For more about micro brewery cans please see Craftcans.com. (opens new window) They have a full database--with pictures--of craft brewery cans from around the US.

Bo and Spud.

Bo and Spud wonder what I am doing. "You're just doing the October can TODAY?!?!"





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