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COM: November 2009

Croft Pilgrim Ale, circa late 1930s

Croft Pilgrim.

This month's can is a toughie from Croft in Boston. You can read more about Croft Brewing at my July 2004 COM. In the meantime, here's a little bit about this particular brand.

Croft started canning early, concentrating on their Croft Ale, but they also tried an additional brand Pilgrim. (Yes, the Pilgrims did drink beer link opens new window)  Their introduction included a lot of fanfare.  A delegation came from Plymouth, including several direct descendants of the Pilgrims.  The guests were given a special tour of the brewery by pretty girls dressed as Pilgrims and served lunch.  The press coverage helped the brand get off to a quick start but it wasn't enough.  Pilgrim Ale was discontinued in 1938 leaving behind some very desirable cans for collectors.

Pilgrim Ale ad 1. Pilgrim Ale ad 2.

A couple of Pilgrim Ale ads from July 1936.




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