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COM: May 2011

Foster's Lager 1976

Fosters front. Fosters Back.

This month I am celebrating the 35th anniversary of my collecting beer cans by showing the first can in my collection. In the spring of 1976 there was a family named Greenlee (sp?) that lived behind my family's home in West Carrollton, Ohio. They had a couple of sons that were in college and one spring night the Greenlee kids had a party. The next morning I found this Foster's Lager can on our back lawn. I thought it was cool. It was so big, and it was from Australia! Wow! I washed it out and put it on a shelf in my bedroom, much to my Mom's displeasure.

That spring I began finding more cans. I was especially interested in the many Bicentennial cans that were coming out in 1976. That summer we went on a family vacation to Hawaii and I picked up all sorts of cool cans! I was hooked. Today I only still have a few of the early cans that I collected that year, but I made sure I kept this one.


old collection pic. Here are some fuzzy photos I found of my collection in about 1978. I took this with one of those little 110's. And yes, more than once I knocked over the cans on my headboard.
old collection pic. old collection pic.






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