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3 Stars Brewing

3 Stars Brewing

Under Construction: Updated 27 January 2017

After I created my DC Brau page two other DC breweries began canning beer, 3 Stars Brewing among them. This page will have a little bit of the history of the brewery and their cans. They also sell other brews on draft and in bottles, but since I only collect cans that is what I will show here. You'll find a link to their company page below. Also check the pages for the other DC breweries that can their product, DC Brau, and Atlas Brew Works.

3 Stars

3 Stars began production in 2012. The name comes from the three stars on the DC flag. Founded by Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey, two friends and homebrewers who decided to open their own brewery in DC. 3 Stars is in an industrial section of NW DC in Takoma. They produce a lot of really creative beers (and some really nice labels!)

The Cans

Let's get to the good stuff, the cans! They started with two cans, their first Ghost White IPA can and Citra Lemon.


In 2016 3 Stars began issuing more cans, both in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes. Many of these were short releases available only at the brewery.

Ghost White IPA in its new can.


Nectar of the Bogs


Peppercorn Saison


Pounding Trees, a limited release.


Two to the Dome

I think this was a limited release.



limited release


Starsky & Dutch


Courting the Squall

limited release


Above the Clouds


Star Dust

Limited release. I missed it the first time it was issued. Grabbed some the second time.


Flip the Script

Issued in partnership with Aslin Beer Company, Spring 2017

Knives Out

Issued in partnership with Oclot Brewing, Spring 2017



Issued in partnership with J. Wakefield Brewing, Spring 2017


Issued in partnership with Other Half Brewing, Spring 2017

New Citra Lemon Saison can, Spring 2017.
  Photos coming soon.  

Grapefruit Ghost

Spring 2017



3 Stars Brewery Home Page (opens new link)




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