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Yellow Springs Brewery

Yellow Springs Brewery

This is a Dayton-area brewery located in the town of Yellow Springs. Founded as a utopian community in the 1820s, it's most known for being the home on Antioch College, which has long been at the forefront of civil rights movements, accepting both African-American and women students from the start. Yellow Springs was itself known for being an Abolitionist stronghold before the Civil War, as well as being strongly supportive of civil liberty movements afterwards.

The brewery was founded by a husband and wife team of brewers in 2013 and began canning in the fall of 2015. Their initial labels were a bit dull, so in 2016 they did a redesign. One of the owners was friends with designer Don Pendleton, who won a Grammy for the cover design of Pearl Jam’s 2013 Lightning Bolt album. The new design stood out more on the shelf, and it is very eye-catching. I love its stained glass theme. I like the new design so much that even though Yellow Spring is not technically Dayton, I decided to collect their cans as well.

The Cans

(alas, I do not have their original cans with the old design, though I'd like to get them)

Captain Stardust Saison
Zoetic American Pale Ale
Boat Show IPA
Spring Golden Ale
Wobbly Wheel IPA
Handsome American Brown Ale
Photos coming soon.
Noodle Burner Northeast IPA
Photos coming soon.


If I missed any cans please Contact Me !!!!


Brewery Site.

Visit the Yellow Spring Brewery site.

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