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COM: January 2012

Primo Export can


Primo can export. Primo can export. Primo can export.

This month I want to show off a can I won recently on eBay. It's a 16 oz Primo Beer made by Stroh Brewing for export to Latin America. What's interesting about it, is that it represents a phenomenon that I suspect many types of collectors, not just beer cans enthusiast, experience, the discovery of an unknown variation---"I never saw that before!"

This is a can filled in the US for export by an American company, in this case Strohs Brewing in Detroit and several other cities. This can was made for export to Argentina and has some Spanish text along the seam. This type of export can can be difficult for American collectors to locate. The brewery may only fill a relatively small number of cans, and, of course, they're shipped overseas. The BCCA magazine features a regular "What's New" Column for US cans, as well as one for Mexican cans, one for Canadian and one for the rest of the world, but if no one sees a new can and reports it, it will slip by. I think this month's can slipped by.

FYI, the eBay seller told me that he got this can from an employee at the brewery. I wonder what the beer drinkers of Argentina thought of Primo, a hawaiian beer, made in the mainland US, and shipped to South America.


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