"Anybody can brew beer, but only God can make rust!"

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Rustycans.com does not collect data on its visitors except for whatever stats Google Analytics collects including browsers, how many times each of may page is visited, etc. For more information on Google Analytics please see the Google Analytics page.

Any emails, photos, graphics, or any other material sent to me at rustycans.com becomes my property and I reserve the right to use them on rustycans.com as I wish.  However, I will respect any and all requests not to use any material sent to me if the sender so chooses.  I will not reveal the full name or email of contributors without their express permission.  I usually acknowledge contributors via first name and last initial (e.g. John D.).

Any graphics used on the site are my property, in the public domain, used with permission, or used via normal "fair use" provisions.  Copyright holders may email me if they believe I have used something improperly.

I am not responsible for any ads Google Ads show you. I opted out of certain categories, but the ads are based on your browsing history. I am also not responsible for anything Googe does with the information they collect when you click on an ad.

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