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COM: June 2015

Other Cans Besides Beer Cans

This month I am continuing what I started in April (target cans) and continued in May (cans peeking out)---types of things you find while dumping for beer cans. You find lots of other cans when you go digging; soda cans of course, and juice cans. But many you find are not even beverage cans! So here is a selection of other, oddball cans that I have dug in recent years.


Common Types

Here are some of the most commonly found types of non-beer cans.

Other beverage cans are pretty common, including soda cans. I like this one though. Prune Juice, a warrior's drink!


Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee cans are common, especially in dumps for fishing/hunting cabins. That's not much grated cheese.


Coffee Cans are also common. I like how well the colors on this one survived!


Less Common Types

Here are some less commonly-found types of non-beer cans.

Moth balls!


Cleaning product cans appear in household dumps.
Syrup cans appear with some regularity and this one, from log Cabin in the shape of a log cabin is an interesting design. Note that it contains both cane and maple syrup.
Air Freshener! Maybe for after you ate all that Chef Boy-Ar-Dee sauce and cheese from the cans shown above.



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