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COM: May 2015


Since I usually make a dumping trip up north in May I wanted to show some cans as they emerged from the ground. Anybody who dumps for cans has experienced this. You are digging and see some color in the ground. It's a can! As you dig it up you wonder, is it a beer can? Is it whole? Is it a common can or a rare one? Are there more? When you're lucky you can find a can that';s not too common in good shape. So here are some pics I've taken over the past few years as I found a can peeking out from under the dirt.

A Gunther from the early to mid 1950s shows up in Virginia.
Some Rupperts from the 1950s show up in western Mass.
Black Labels.
What a mess! But in with all the rust and glass is some color. Unfortunately they are Black Labels which are very, very common. But you can see why I sometimes joke that my hobby is digging through dirty, broken glass.
Cans by tree.
A couple cans are showing before I even dig. They were late 1950s Rupperts in upstate New York.
Pabst Export.
A 1930s Pabst Export peeks out.
From a recent trip. A peanut can, a couple very common Rheingold flats and, at the right, a Schaefer flat, all circa late 1950s.


A close-up of the Rheingolds and the Peanut can.
It's not just cans. Here is a sweet late 19th century piece of stoneware being unearthed by a friend of mine in Maryland. It was intact.







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