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Drewry's Mountie

Drewry's Mountie

The Drewry's Mountie had been part of its logo for decades by the 1950s.  The Mountie, and his faithful horse, were front and center on the earliest Drewry's cans. 


Early Drewerys Ale can. Close up of early mountie and horse. A Drewry's Ale can (and close-up) from the late 1930s.  Not only does the Mountie have a horse, they appear to be having a nice chat over a beer!  He (the Mountie) appears to have a mustache as well.


The Mountie loses his horse!

However, on the 1950s series cans he began to fade into the background.  The sports series cans had a small logo with the Mountie and his horse behind and to the Mountie's left.    By the time the last series, the character set, came out, the Mountie was tiny, and his horse was gone!

Mountie from early series.

Mountie from the white sports series. Good horse! Logo is 1 and  9/16 inches tall. The beer is gone, as is the mustache.

Mountie on horoscope cans.

Mountie from horoscope series.  The logo is a bit smaller and the mountie has changed a little.  Still has his faithful horse. Logo is 1 and 3/16 inches tall.

Mountie from character series.

Mountie from character series. Hey!  Somebody stole his horse! Logo also 1 and 3/16 inches tall.

Big Mountie!

Then, in the late 1950s-early 1960s, the Mountie returned, taking up the entire back of the can! It's a pretty common can. I dumped a few in western Massachusetts a few years ago.

Drewrys big mountie.

The Mountie shrunk again for the early-mid 1960s Drewrys. Their last flat and first pulltab.

1960s Drewrys.


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