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Ok, I confess, it's big. It's so big I couldn't fit the whole thing here if I listed it by specific cans.  At any rate, below is a more general list of my collecting interests.  I collect 12 oz flats. I also collect quart conetops.   See also my Top Ten Most Wanted page. UPDATED April 2016

I've broken the list below into two categories:
    • States, Regions, and Cities.
    • Specific Brands and sets I am interested in collecting.

States, Regions, and Cities
(Flats, quarts, and cones.)

  • Hawaii  (incl micros)
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC

Rainier Jubilee Ad.

Some Specific Brands and Sets

Other Breweries that don't fit in the list to the left.

Adam Scheidt
Lion (New York)
Tudor (various breweries)


Plus, Primo tabs, especially the odd ball aluminum ones. I’d love to get the other Schlitz cans from their Honolulu brewery, just as a fun addition.

  • Congress Fiesta
  • Drewry Faces
  • Drewry Horoscope
  • Drewry Sports
  • Esslinger Quizzies Ted Kluszewski
  • Gettleman colors
  • Gretz Cars
  • Meister Brau Happy Days
  • Miss Rheingold
  • Pfeiffer Outdoors
  • Rainier Jubilee Cartoon Series
  • Redtop Summer Days
  • Schmidt Scenes (flats only)
  • Tooner Schooners

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