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Top 10 Most Wanted

My Top 10 Most Wanted Cans

(updated 8 November 2017)

10. Schoenling

(USBC 131-38)

A very! hard to find can. This one has the words "EXTRA DRY" along the top next to the red ball with "Cincinnati's Finest." The common flats look very much the same except for the "Extra Fine."

Schoenling flat.

9. Senate Ale
(Post War, IRTP)

The Brown Senate Ale, IRTP with 3 patents, issued in the late 1940s. It's not listed in the USBC.



8. Senate Ale 75th Anniversary

GOT ONE ON eBay!!!!


7. Gunther Ales

I'd love to get either of these two Gunther Ales.


6. Senate Bock
75th Anniversary Can

(USBC 132-18)

5.  Micros

These micros were made by brewers in Colorado in cooperation with DC Brau and I collect DC cans. They're damn hard to find!



3. Non-IRTP Heurich Bock

Not listed in the USBC. (The photo shows the one with the IRTP but the one I need looks the same except for that line on the bottom.).


4. Senate Bock

(USBC 132-17)
IRTP, 2 Patents/"Others Pend."


2. Schmidt scene

Common as a pull tab, but the flat is rare. It's the last of the designs that I still need from this set.

Ducks Landing
(USBC 130-36 or 131-10)

Schmidts ducks.

#1. Primo Test Can

I have been looking for this one for ages.



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