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Quart Chapter

NEW CHAPTER: Quarts r’ Us


Little Man Ale Quart.

In 2013 a bunch of us quart enthusiasts met and decided to form a new BCCA Chapter. Basically we’re interested in 32 ounce cans. If you are as well, then this is the chapter for you. Join us.

Dues are $10.00 for the first two years and $5.00 every year after that. We’re charging two-year’s dues at first so we can build a treasury. Kevin D. is the President (all hail!) and will edit the chapter newsletter, titled “The Qwart. " Right now we plan to publish it twice a year and it’ll be hosted right here on this very page. But only members get the link! (You can read the previous issue via the link below.)

The OFFICIAL website for the chapter, and all things quartish, is Matt Menke's website www.onefullquart.com.

As for the other officers, Chris E. is the VP and I am Secretary/Treasurer.



Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3? You have to join!

Vally Forge Quart Ad.

This is a new club and we are still working out the details. Ideas are welcome.

If you want more information email me.

For more about quart cans check out my pages listed below:

Esslinger's Little Man Ale Quart

My Mystery Paint-Over Quart

American Can's Flat Top Quarts

The Pabst Snap-Cap Quarts

And the best quart site in the web is Matt Menke's One Full Quart.


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